We read to know
we are not alone.
-c. s. lewis

Words are treasured friends to many of us. She writes grace is written for caregivers–in particular moms, but not excluding others–who have tender hearts for children with complex medical needs.


No paragraph is ‘one size fits all’–but, this space with words, resources & products is meant to offer some common themes for hope, empowerment & understanding–a safe place of grace.                                            You are not alone.

Hi, I'm Becca!

Hi, I'm Becca!

I'm a grateful wife & mom to 4 kiddos, the youngest with complex medical needs.

Wanting to offer encouragement, grace & hope for others like me--who support kids with medical challenges--I created this little space.

Heartfelt Thoughts !

Time for Introductions
parenting ➤ October 14, 2019

Time for Introductions

I’m so glad you are here. Whether you are here to kick the tires of my resource page or wrestle through some heartfelt issues…welcome! As I’ve put pen to paper here, my greatest aim is...

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Living the Unimaginable-Losing a Child
Blog ➤ May 8, 2021

Living the Unimaginable-Losing a Child

It doesn’t take long to realize, when you are a part of the community of families with kiddos battling critical illnesses, that grief comes with the territory. However, grief of losing a child puts one...

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Resources & Tips

Books & Sites

Great books for kiddos & adults alike can be found here. You’ll also find key websites for a hub of information, not an exhaustive list but a helpful start.

Camps & Wish Agencies

Hope & a sense of belonging are critical to kiddos with life-threatening & life-altering medical conditions. This list gives stellar camps & wish organizations that buoy kids & their families.

Terms & FAQs

Start here if you are new to caring for a child with complex medical needs & want a compass to find your way. Pertinent terms & answers to common questions can be found here.

Hidden Gems

My treasures to share are small in nature, but pack a mighty punch of hope & happy. You’ll find a variety of rare finds on this list.

Sibling Support

Siblings of a child with a critical illness have unique needs & can feel left in the dust of medical appointments, parent’s attention & emerging needs. This list gives some options to support those siblings.

Service Dogs

I know first hand how a service dog can be a game changer for a child with high medical needs. This page will give FAQs of a pooch pursuit-service or otherwise.

Peeps are talking

  • Becca’s work is founded on research & heart. She Writes Grace is a hidden gem for tools & insights. I use it regularly, as a school counselor, to empower students, teachers & parents.

    Ruth Timmerman, counselor

  • I’ve worked in Becca’s household, serving her daughter, for 8 years & I can honestly say, she knows service dogs & LOVES what they can do for kids & their families.

    Olive, WAGS service dog

  • I’ve known Becca since our kids were babies. She’s invested in research & relationships to help others thrive. As a mom of a daughter with special needs, I appreciate her heart so much!

    Susan Johansson, fellow mom

  • I am so excited to put my stickers on my water bottle & computer & show them off. What a great way to express my passion & love for what I do!

    Heidi Splinter, occupational therapist

  • Becca’s encouraging words & products are a beautiful way to spread the key message of inclusion & belonging to our children & communities. I take my tote bag everywhere I go!

    Becky Punzel, fellow mom

  • Becca & She Writes Grace spread so much light & love for the disability community.

    Everyone is seen & important.

    Lydia Mooney, equestrian therapy

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