Books & Sites

Books & Sites

Books for Children

  • Not So Different is a great photo book by Shane Burcaw who explains a bit about SMA and does so with great humor.
  • Tuesday Tucks Me In is a beautiful photo illustrated book that helps teach about a service dog and it’s unique role.
  • What to Do When You Worry Too Much is a kid friendly workbook that helps unpack issues as well as strategize tools to use. When kids are aware of their disabilities/medical issues, anxiety is a big part of their lives.
  • Wonder is familiar to many but, bears mentioning as it covers many of the challenges and joys a family faces when one member has special needs.

Books for Adults

  • A Good and Perfect Gift is a mom’s memoir about faith, family, disability & culture. Even if you can’t relate to the specifics, her wrestling is hopeful.
  • The Life We Never Expected although this book-by the authors’ own admissions, is focused on their experience with raising 2 children with special needs-the raw emotions, faith reconciliations and wisdom is so good and global.
  • From Emotions to Advocacy is a comprehensive guide to advocating for your child in the school system. Terms, approach and strategies are found in this helpful book.
  • Complete Tubefeeding is a guide to nutrition, problem solving and creating a positive approach for those using the tubes and those caring for them.


  • Joni & Friends a pool of resources and family support. Faith based and world wide.
  • Hope Heals offers relatable stories, resources and inspiration. Faith based support for those needing hope.
  • Complex Child a resource page of a variety of issues from the medical to the familial.
  • Understood is a comprehensive site for parents, teachers, employers & others wanting help those needing accommodations or modifications at home, work & school in order to thrive.
  • Nathaniel’s Hope birthed from loss, this site offers a respite program that can bridge the gap while waiting for services and needing community.
  • Brody’s Be Cafe is an inspirational example of inclusion & a Mom Difference Maker.
  • Goodwill has a solid history of hiring those with disabilities or fragile bodies
  • Job Accommodation Network is also a resource for meaningful employment issues.

(other websites are listed on specific resources–i.e. camps, wish agencies, etc.)