Resources & Good Stuff

Resources & Good Stuff

Whatever you need, I hope to help.

One thing I found overwhelming out of the gate of parenting a child with critical medical needs was finding supportive resources, whether they were accessible places to take family walks with a wheelchair or tools to figure out how to make medical equipment more kid-friendly & happy.

So I’ve compiled some resources that I hope will be helpful to you & yours as your navigate the unique journey your family finds yourselves on together. It’s not an exhaustive list, by any means, but it’s one that I made with care. Knowledge is a bit of a superpower & so I hope this information empowers you with a boost of hope as you seek to support yourself & others.

Good Stuff here

Books & Sites

Great books for kiddos & adults alike can be found here. You’ll also find key websites for a hub of information here, not an exhaustive list but a helpful start.

Camps & Wish Agencies

Hope & a sense of belonging are critical to kiddos with life-threatening & life-altering medical conditions. This list gives stellar camps and wish organizations that buoy kids and their families.

Terms & FAQs

Start here if you are new to caring for a child with special needs and need a compass to find your way. Pertinent terms and answers to common questions can be found here.

Hidden Gems

My treasures to share are small, quiet or not yet popular in nature, but they pack a mighty punch of hope & happy. You’ll find a variety of rare finds on this list.

Service Dogs

I know first hand how a service dog can be a game changer for a child with special needs. This page has FAQs for your pooch pursuit-service or otherwise.

Sibling Support

Siblings of a child with critical illnesses have unique needs and can feel left in the dust of medical appointments, parent’s attention and emerging needs. This list gives some options to support those siblings.

Questions or good stuff you want to share?

Wondering about one of the resources or know of something stellar yourself? Get in touch with me today.