Sibling Support

Sibling Support

I was a bit late to the party in employing tools for my other kiddos as we furiously tackled doctor’s appointments, therapies & procedures. Thankfully my kids weren’t shy with letting me know their feelings of being lost in the shuffle, but it was when they were older. Grace washes over each of us & we salvaged much. But, I do regret I didn’t have eyes wide open earlier on in our family’s journey.

So dunk your toe in the waters of strategies & care of each sibling who may be feeling a lack of support. Sometimes we cannot fuel their needs as we’d like to but there are organizations & others who can help us think outside the box or take that role in your kiddos’ lives.



Organizations and Other Help

Ask a Complex Care Doctor, Rehab Doctor or other Social Worker to help you find local organizations that may offer in-person sibling support groups, camps or forums to help your kiddos become healthy, happy siblings of a kid with critical needs.