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Pocket Pillowcases for Hospital Stays or Camp

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Kiddos with complex medical issues undergo many surgeries, procedures and sometimes rough nights with heavy hearts. This pocket pillowcase is a unique way to buoy a child's stay at the hospital, camp or extra time in their bed at home. The pocket is perfect for tucking notes, bible verses, family mantras or whatever words/pictures give a child facing medical issues hope. Sometimes, bedtime brings about sadness and worries, especially for children with illnesses or disabilities. This pocket can keep words of hope, help and assurance for their convenience close by them.

Each pocket is recycled from a pair of well loved jeans and hand embroidered by Laura, a fellow Difference Maker. The pockets are sewn on a new white cotton blend pillowcase that fits standard size pillows. Wash inside out to preserve the hand stitches.

Printed notecards to tuck in the pillowcase for your kiddo's hospital stay or bedtime struggles can be found here.

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